Mrs. Lan

Mrs. Lan is a mother of two children, a son and a daughter. Mrs. Lan is one of the craftswomen who weaves bags for Handed By. She loves her job! With the money she earns from weaving, she pays the school of her children. They follow their dream; find a job they love so they can support their mother in the future. Mrs. Lan lives with her family in a house near the sea. She cares for her husband and children. Besides, she works on the rice field and in the garden to grow vegetables like cucumber, radish and some corn.

Mrs. Sahn

Mrs. Sahn is one of the approximately  300 handcrafters who make baskets and bags for Handed By. She is a mother of 3 children. All her children have been married already. Mrs Sahn lives in a house near the sea in the north of Vietnam with her eldest son. When the work on the field is done, she starts weaving baskets or bags. She works at home, sitting on her porch. In addition, she grows vegetables in her vegetable garden such as chili and cabbage. She uses her extra income to support her son to take care of his children, her grandchildren.

Mrs. Qu

Mrs. Qu is one of the craftswomen who weaves bags for Handed By. As you can see on the photo, she is busy weaving  the shopper Paris. Mrs. Qu has been working  as a handcrafter for Handed By for more than 10 years now. Mrs. Qu is happy and proud of her work and we are proud of her! The extra money she earns from weaving is a supplement of her family’s income. In the near future she would like to welcome her first grand-child and face an even better life! She enjoys using the money to buy presents for her first grand-child. Most of her time she spends with weaving, housework and work on the farm.

Mrs. Wang

Mrs. Wang is a loyal craftswoman. She has been weaving bags and baskets for Handed By for more than 10 years now. Her son and his family live in the neighborhood. After work, she needs to pick up her grandson from primary school and cooks for the whole family. Besides weaving, Mrs. Wang does the housework or works in the vegetable garden in the field. With the money she earns from weaving, she loves to buy clothes and delicious food for her family. She loves giving her grandson some pocket money. She wants her family to be happy and healthy. For Mrs. Wang, delivering quality work is extremely important, which is why Mrs. Wang and Handed By make a good team.

Mrs. Bu

Mrs. Bu is one of the loyal craftswomen from China. She and her husband are responsible for the handcrafters in the area in which they live. Their home is a central place where handcrafters come together to make Handed By bags. For Mr. & Mrs. Bu weaving bags is their only way of earning money. They use it for their living but also to buy presents for their grandchildren.

Mrs. Wu

Mrs. Wu is one of the craftswomen who has been weaving bags for Handed By for many years. When the work at the farm is done, she helps her sister with weaving bags. She enjoys working from the central village side so she can chat and laugh with others while she is working. Mrs. Wu uses a part of the earnings to visit her grandchildren. Quality work is very important to her, which is why she and Handed By make a good team.

Mr. Dung

Mr. Dung comes from a poor family in the North of Vietnam, near Hanoi. He could not go to secondary school because his parents where poor.  He starts working for his parents on the fields at the age of 10. When he became 18 years old, he moved to Ho Chi Minh City to plant trees. During his stay he got inspired by handicrafts and got married to his present wife at 22 years old. One year later he came back to his home town with his wife to live with his parents. He believes his hometown is the best place for handicraft. Mr. Dung and his wife have 3 children: a girl and 2 boys. Besides the work on the fields of his parents, Mr. Dung works for Handed By.  He has set up a small weaving group to weave goods at his own place. He is very happy that he can do that! In this way, he  earns enough money to take care of his big family and pay for the study of his children.

Mr. Binh

Mr. Binh was born in the Kien Xuong region, Vietnam. He has served many years in the army as a soldier but is now retired. He lives in the North of Vietnam together with his wife and their daughter, who is a journalist. His wife set up a group of farmers, who make beautiful baskets and bags for Handed By. Handicrafts is something that she loves to make. Unfortunately, she does not feel very well lately because of her weak health. Therefore Mr. Binh supports her with her weaving group. He loves to cut the straps for the handcrafters and brings the goods every 2 weeks to the central point in the village. Here, all goods come together before they will be packed. It brings him so much happiness to meet his ‘colleagues’ at this central point in the village.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hang

Meet Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hang. A mother of three daughters. Her eldest daughter studies in Ho Chi Minh. Her youngest  attend a school in the area. Mrs. Thi Hang spends about 30 hours a week weaving baskets and bags from home for Handed By. Sometimes her husband helps her. In addition, she cares for her children and helps her husband with the cows on their farm. She spends the extra income she earns from weaving baskets on her eldest daughter’s studies and tuition for the youngest two. We provide Mrs. Thi Hang with enough work to earn a regular income from weaving.

Mrs. Hoang

Mrs. Hoang is one of the approximately 300 handcrafters who make baskets and bags for Handed By. She lives on a farm in the  Mekong Delta together with her family. When the work on the farm is done, she starts weaving baskets. She works at home, sitting on her porch. Along her house, there is a river where boats pass by with fruits and coconuts. Her house is simply furnished but she does have a TV, so during her work she sometimes watches TV. She uses her extra income to support her family.

Mrs. Yueqin Lee

Mrs. Yueqin Lee is one of about 300 craftswomen who weaves bags for Handed By. She lives in a rural town in eastern China. Her small house is bordered by a patio with a magnificent pomegranate tree. Mrs. Yueqin Lee lovingly cares for her tree, which results in branches full of fruit every year.  She has 2 married sons who moved to the big city. Mrs. Yueqin Lee does not have any soil of her own, but does want to make money in order to provide for herself. She is proud of her work, and we are proud of her! 

Mrs. Shuqin Lee

Mrs. Shuqin Lee is a mother of 2, and lives in a small village in the countryside. Her children do not live with her anymore, but have moved to the big city. Mrs. Shuqin Lee’s daughter is happily married. Her son is still a bachelor and lives in Beijing. She hopes he will soon marry too. Mrs. Shuqin Lee is happy more townspeople weave for Handed By. This way, she keeps in touch with other people, and even made some new friends. Quality is a priority for Mrs. Shuqin Lee, which means she and Handed By make a good team.

Mrs. Len

Mrs. Len is one of many craftswomen who happily weave baskets and bags for Handed By. She has a daughter who is happily married. Her daughter was 3 when her husband passed away, which means she and her daughter have a close bond. Mrs. Len chose to weave baskets and bags for Handed By, and also performs quality checks before the products are packed. She enjoys her work, but she also enjoys looking after her little nephew in her spare time.

Mrs. Huong

Mrs. Huong is one of about 300 craftswomen who weave baskets and bags for Handed By. She lives on a farm in northern Vietnam. During the day, Mrs. Huong works in the rice fields, and in the evenings, she weaves baskets and bags.

Mrs. Huong has a son and daughter. Since the death of her husband, she has been caring for her children virtually on her own. The extra income she earns by weaving baskets and bags she spends on her children. At the moment, she enjoys her work and family, and she likes weaving with other women in the village.

Mr. Yuan

Mr. Yuan is entrusted with the daily management of a group of handcrafters at Handed By.  His wife also works for the company as a bag weaver and they are the proud parents of a son and daughter.  In the morning, when the children have left for school, he and his wife walk to work. He’s very happy that they can share their mutual passion: weaving beautiful items for a great company and being part of a wonderful team of employees.
Mr. Yuan is a real music lover and enjoys letting the employees listen to some nice music and songs while they work. He knows how to create a great atmosphere and he's also a very sporty man.  Near their home is a square with some gym equipment on which he likes to work out. Mr. Yuan thoroughly enjoys working for Handed By and the fair wages ensure that his family can lead a happy life.

Mr. Yuan.jpg
Mrs. Bu
Mrs. Bu

Mrs. Bu is one of the craftswomen who weave bags for Handed By. With her ready smile and cheerful character, she always brings joy and a great atmosphere to the team.  During the harvesting season, she also works on her farm.  Mrs. Bu enjoys traditional music and dancing. During the weekends, she often meets with her friends to go dancing in the village. Her daughters have already moved out and work in Yantai  City and her husband works at another factory nearby. Ms. Bu absolutely loves her family and her work and the contact with the other weavers never fails to make her happy. 

Mr. Lou

Mr. Lou enjoys working for Handed By. He's a bit older than the other handcrafters, which is why he's responsible for the smaller tasks; he makes sure that the straps are ready to be attached to the bags. Mr. Lou feels that his work is more like a hobby. While he cuts the straps to the right size, he enjoys talking to his colleagues. His wife is also very happy to work for Handed By. They have a son and two grandchildren who they love to spend a lot of time with after work. Mr. Lou also likes to listen to traditional music and visits local operas. And even though he may be older than the rest, he takes great pleasure in lending his hand in the production of the bags made by Handed By! 

Mr. Lou.jpg