HALO sit
HALO high
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HALO sit

FT003 /  h45 w34 d34 / Material: PP + acacia wood

Meet the HALO sit, the little brother of the Halo high! Use the Halo sit as a stylish side table next to your couch or as a decorative storage basket in the bedroom. And the Halo Sit can even be perfectly used as a stool when you get some unexpected guests! Multifunctional and really beautiful! You can also combine this Halo version with the other Halo side tables created by Handed by. The Halo Sit is braided by hand and contains 50% recycled plastic.

HALO high

FT002 /  h62 w43 d43 / Material: PP + acacia wood

The Halo High is hand-braided side table sold by Handed By. It is multifunctional, as there is a handy storage space below the wooden top! Remote control, toys, or plaids: everything stored away out of sight. Place the Halo High at a striking location in the living room, or as a decorative side table next to the sofa. The Halo High is braided by hand in Vietnam, and takes an average of one day to complete! Braided by hand using 50% recycled plastic and available in various colours.


The Halo is a handwoven sidetable of Handed By. A storage basket, sidetable and pouf in one! Multifunctional! There's a hidden storage place under the wooden plateau. Perfect for your toys, remote control or pens. Unexpectedly a lot of visitors and too few chairs? Use it as a seat! Handwoven and made of 50% recycled plastic. Available in various colors. 

FT001 / h40 w56 d56 / Material PP & Acacia wood

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