Most artisans earn a living in the rice fields in the country, or around the small farms with their cattle, poultry and fruit cultivation. They live in one house with their children, parents and grandparents. Once they have finished work in the fields, the mothers and grandmothers weave the baskets. When the baskets are finished, they are taken back to the village. There the baskets are inspected, cleaned and finished at a central site. They are then transported to the central warehouse in the city, where they are packed and shipped to The Netherlands.

Meet our craftsmen

Mrs. Lan
Mr. Dung
Mrs. Sahn
Mrs. Qu
Mrs. Wang
Mr. Binh
Mrs. Bu
Mrs. Wu
Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hang
Mrs. Hoang
Mrs. Yueqin Lee
Mrs. Shuqin Lee
Mrs. Len
Mrs. Huong
Mr. Yuan
Mrs. Bu
Mr. Lou
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