Virtually all our products are made by hand. That takes place mainly in Vietnam and China. Two countries with a centuries-old knowledge of craft techniques, as well as typically Asian traditions and customs. One of our production sites is in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. The artisans are provided with the weaving material at a central point in one of the villages far beyond the large city.

We work intensively with honest and personal partners that often have small businesses and believe in our vision: to conquer the world with traditionally produced baskets, bags and other items, made of recycled materials as much as possible. Our point of departure is to develop long-term relationships based on equality and trust. We have earned that trust gradually. By making significant investments in training, knowledge and quality, we now work exclusively with a core group of loyal partners.


We visit the villages regularly and take the time to speak to the craftspeople and to understand their day-to-day lives. This is so that we can tailor our production operations accordingly. Quality is important for them and for us, the craftspeople are proud of what they do and that is reflected in the end product.


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